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Kimi, Taiwan

Connected speech is a part that I think is critical, but there isn't a book teaching it, nor would we learn at school. I am grateful for your providing us with a comfortable learning environment. I have never said, "I want to try first." before. I always chose "you read first", but this time was different because I felt it was all right to make a mistake. I realised that I started to "Understand English by English" during these lessons, which means I can understand what I have read but may not be able to translate it into Mandarin.

Anastasia, Russia

Chris, thank you so much for the excellent pronunciation course you taught. Your enthusiasm and ability to break down all the little details are truly amazing! I've learned quite a lot and I really feel much more confident now. So grateful for all the time and effort you put into our lessons. Thank you!🤗🤗🤗

Rocio, Argentina

In this pronunciation course I have refreshed some concepts and learnt more about sounds, stress and accents. Although I have studied English before, this approach to pronunciation has helped me to become more aware of how to produce english sounds and how to recognize them. The classes were dynamic and full of practice! I really appreciate your time and patience, Chris🙏🏻
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